Today, Saturday, September 7, is International Vulture Awareness Day. Ellen Blackstone, editor of the email presentation BirdNote, celebrates with a photo blog of these interesting and beautiful birds:



BirdNote is a weekly issue, always interesting, always informative, always entertaining. Here are links to features from last week:


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* Ravens and Crows - Who's Who?

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* Birdsong Wanes with the Season

* The Pungent Mudflat

* Gerrit Vyn on the Lammergeier



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Ellen Blackstone is web editor / writer / associate producer for BirdNote.
An Iowa girl, Ellen started birding at age 6, helping her father with his “bluebird trail” of more than 40 boxes. Ellen now puts her passion to work for birds and nature. She edited Seattle Audubon’s newsletter, Earthcare Northwest, for five years, and was lead editor on Besides rascal crows, Ellen is drawn to raptors, especially Peregrines, and she volunteered with the Seattle Peregrine Project for many years. She was a long-time member of the American Society of Crows and Ravens. And she gardens with birds in mind.


BirdNote began in 2004 as a project under the auspices of Seattle Audubon. Writers began crafting compelling stories about the intriguing ways of birds, ornithological advisors ensured scientific accuracy, and dedicated staff, volunteers, and contractors helped form the final professional product. 


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