Bill Murray is at it again.

The comedic Hollywood star is also a well-known sports nut. And lately, Murray has been something of a good luck charm. Consider ...

Xavier basketball: Murray's son, Luke, is an assistant coach for the 11th seeded Musketeers which means roughly seven of every eight crowd shots involving Xavier fans included a famous face (even more so than Northwestern).

"If you're here, you better be on your feet and screaming," Bill Murray told USA Today sports during Xavier's upset over No. 2 Arizona on Thursday night. One thing to be certain as Xavier goes for a Final Four berth against No. 1 Gonzaga on Saturday night: You'll see plenty more of Bill Murray.

Chicago Cubs: If you paid attention at all to the Cubs during last fall's playoffs you saw Bill Murray. The biggest fan on Chicago's north side might be 66 years old but it was as if he lived through all 108 years between Cubs World Series titles. Murray, never one to shy away from the spotlight, found a FOX camera and microphone in the victorious clubhouse and the boozy results instantly became something of a legend.

St. Paul Saints: Murray has been a part owner of the Saints since the team's beginning in 1993. Since moving into CHS Field prior to the 2015 season Murray has been spotted numerous times at the new digs.

Sometimes he sits in the stands. Sometimes he takes tickets. Sometimes he just hangs out in the dugout. But he always puts on a show. Oh - and since the team moved to its new home the Saints have compiled a 135-65 record.

Ryder Cup: You didn't think we were going to get through a Bill Murray sports post and not mention golf, did you? Murray, almost unnoticed, walked the Hazeltine National Golf Club grounds during Ryder Cup weekend. Prior to Sunday's final singles matches, Murray thought the crowd was a little quiet so he took over.

The end result a few hours later? Team USA clinched its first Ryder Cup since 2008, and at 17-11 its most lopsided win in 35 years. Patrick Reed might have sealed the victory, but you know Carl Spackler - a Cinderella story outta nowhere - had a little something to do with the whole thing.