The resurgence of vinyl records never happened in my house, simply because they never left. If that comeback hasn't reached your world, Crosley's Mini Cruiser and RSD3 turntables are a great way to start.

They won't play 33 or 45 rpm vinyl records; instead these portable record players spin 3-inch records. While they aren't commonly stocked at stores, the pocket-size records are easily found. Just do an online search.

The whole package is eye-catching, with a retro look. When it's closed, the Mini Cruiser ($70) looks like a tiny suitcase with carrying handle, like Crosley's full-sized Cruiser. Features include a clear dust cover, adjustable pitch control, built-in stereo speakers, a port to connect to headphones or a stereo system, and a Bluetooth transmitter.

The silver-toned RSD3 mini belt-drive turntable ($90) is more modern-looking, with a pre-mounted Audio Technica AT3600 moving-magnet cartridge. Sound from the two turntables' speakers wasn't room-filling but it was way better than I expected. When connected to external speakers, they were a listening joy.

Power comes from a micro USB connection or four AAA batteries for the RSD3 and four AA batteries for the Cruiser. And for storing your records, there's a stylish carrier case ($30) that holds 10 3-inch discs.