Ranking Minnesota's big-money deals

Which big contracts in Minnesota sports history worked, and which ones didn't? Here's how Jim Souhan ranks 'em:

Best large contracts

1. Kirby Puckett, Twins (three years, $9M): Then a record, now a bargain.

2. Steve Hutchinson, Vikings (seven years, $49M): Great player.

3. Kevin Garnett, Wolves (six years, $126M): Invaluable.

4. Johan Santana, Twins (four years, $40M): Affordable ace.

5. Adrian Peterson, Vikings (seven years, $100M): Great production on unguaranteed deal.

6. Antoine Winfield, Vikings (five years, $36M): Wonderful player.

Worst large contracts

1. Andrew Wiggins, Wolves (five years, $147M): Doesn't even play hard.

2. Kirk Cousins, Vikings (three years, $84M): Two years left to make good after bad start.

3. Joe Mauer, Twins (eight years, $184M): Understandable but a very lousy deal.

4. Ricky Nolasco, Twins (four years, $49M): Waste of money and time.

5. Fred Smoot, Vikings (six years, $34M): Fading player who led Love Boat.

6. Martin Havlat, Wild (six years, $30M): Terrible presence; didn't perform.

Big money, but a mixed bag

Sometimes big contracts come with uncertain or uneven results:

1. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, Wild (13 years, $98M each): Good but not great value.

2. Chuck Knoblauch, Twins (five years, $30M): They were able to trade.

3. Kirby Puckett, Twins (five years, $30M): Eye ailment ended career after three years.

4. Brian Rolston, Wild (three years, $9.4M): A really good player but lack of team results.

5. Karl-Anthony Towns, Wolves (five years, $190M): Great producer with room to improve.

6. Sam Cassell, Wolves (two years, $12M): One great year, one bad dance, one tank job.Jim Souhan