The Galaxy S24 series has arrived.

If you want the largest screen available on a standard Samsung phone, enjoy note-taking with a stylus and need a camera with a significantly closer zoom, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the right choice.

Those who prefer more compact devices and still want a top-notch camera should consider the Galaxy S24. Visit for the full list of Samsung options.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

CNET take: With a sharper 5x optical zoom, a faster new processor and that familiar giant display and 100x digital zoom, the Samsung's "Ultra" phone remains a top choice for mobile photographers who want plenty of screen space. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is also one of the first phones with Samsung's new Galaxy AI features, which include tools for translating text messages and phone calls instantly and Circle to Search, which lets you launch a Google search for almost anything simply by drawing a circle around it. The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with an embedded S Pen for those who like jotting down notes or doodling, and Samsung has committed to updating these devices with new versions of Android for seven years. ($1,220)

Samsung Galaxy S24

CNET take: What impresses us the most about the Samsung Galaxy S24 is the battery life. After testing, we can say the larger battery in the Galaxy S24 has no trouble plowing through a long day of use on a single charge. ($800)