Let the kids roam; they won't get lost. Want to peek at their fun from the cabin? Check the webcam of the beach, which has a play structure in shallow water. The resort, centered on a 5-acre island open only to guests, has extensive kids programing, from fishing derbies to marshmallow roasts. A pantry sells a range of items — including chips and ice cream bars — on the honor system, so kids can shop as soon as they can scribble on a notepad. Rides in the Amphicar are a treat for all ages. 8166 Ludlow Rd., Cook; 1-877-583-5697; ludlowsresort.com

Runner-up: Dickerson's Lake Florida Resort, 13194 NE. 2nd St., Spicer; 1-320-354-4272;

Best of Minnesota 2016

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