If you savor the styles of yesteryear, you’ll find a rich lode of resources on or near University Avenue, in a 3-mile meander from St. Paul’s Snelling Avenue and over the border into Minneapolis. Want to fill your cupboard with vintage dishes? Head to Classic Retro @ Pete’s, which stocks dozens of sets in virtually every color. (You’ll also find lamps, clocks, ashtrays and furniture.) Succotash offers a smorgasbord of midcentury style, from barware to artwork to novelty nostalgia items. For well-preserved midcentury modern furniture, your best bet is MidModMen + Friends. If you’ve got refined taste and a cushy budget, check out Spinario Design, which specializes in high-end vintage. Also look for vintage wearables at Up Six and Shag Studio.

Runner up: Retro Wanderlust in Hopkins, a one-stop shop for vintage