I am often critical of the Twins radio and television personalities for various reasons, but I can't stop watching or listening to the games. If you listen to Bert Blyleven on Twins television broadcasts long enough, you begin to pick up many "Bertisms" that he uses night after night, on a daily basis. He often uses some cliches that are perfect for the Major League level.
I have always wanted to do something like this, but just never have, so I want your help and your opinions. How about a game that you can play while watching Twins games? Below, I have created a Bert Blyleven Bingo Board. You can use the below template and mix up the order in which the Bertisms are shown. You can add your own Bertisms. Get your friends together and pass out boards to everyone. As you watch the Twins game and listen to Mr. Blyleven, simply cross off the sayings as he uses them. Be the first to get five in a row diagonally, horizonally or vertically and win a predetermined prize.
The below words or phrases are ones that I have heard him use frequently. I didn't include names of current or former Twins players or managers. I also did not include the word he uttered on live TV three years ago on a Sunday afternoon.
So, enjoy this game. Add to it and improve it. Include more Bertisms. And most importantly have fun. OK, even more important than that, if anyone decides to make something more of this idea, or sees financial opportunities, please remember me when you make a bunch of money!
Bert Blyleven BINGO Board Pitch Count Old School day in and day out Little Extra at the Big League level curveball You Have Been Hereby Circled Outer Half shutout the little things need good defense complete games Type California Math 100% She-Cago Hall of Fame At the Major League level Inner Half the game has changed manufacture runs night after night finish the game …days until my birthday. 1987
What do you think?