A timeline of Barbara Carlson's public life

1965: A real estate agent, she marries up-and-coming politician Arne Carlson, who shortly thereafter is elected to the Minneapolis City Council.

1977: She and Carlson divorce.

1981: Gives up real estate, is elected to the City Council. While trying to quit smoking, she sometimes sucks a pacifier during meetings.

1983: Marries businessman Pete Anderson.

1984: Has a high-profile falling out with the Republican Party over her liberal-leaning social stances.

1989: Finishes her second council term, loses re-election race in the general election to Pat Scott.

1990: Is hired by KSTP radio to host a talk show that she sometimes conducts from a hot tub.

1997: Publishes a tabloid-esque tell-all book, "This Broad's Life." Unsuccessfully runs for mayor against incumbent Sharon Sayles Belton.

2002: She and Anderson divorce. Leaves KSTP. Breaks her back in a fall, the first of a string of health issues that force her to retire.