Writing about birds here and in my newspaper column I often comment on the impact of climate on birds, their habitat, their survival.

A recent issue of The New York Times carried a story about financial decisions that could make a difference in climate discussion and action.

Simply, if you live in an area prone to fire, tidal or river flooding, or any destructive weather intensified by climate, getting a home mortgage or insuring your home is becoming more expensive or even impossible.

Bankers and insurance companies are factoring climate into decisions about mortgage and/or insurance. It's happening in California, along the Jersey shore, in Florida, in Louisiana and Texas. There are a few places where today you cannot mortgage or insure a home (or, probably, sell it).

Bonds to finance public works face the same conditions, climate now a factor in long-term investment.

Inability to mortgage or insure a home makes climate change very personal. It should get people's attention faster than talking about carbon dioxide. Solutions will not to be limited to regions. We are all in this.

People can ignore or debate climate science if they want. It's going to be more difficult to have that discussion with a banker.