While Republican House Speaker John Boehner turned about face on the payroll tax holiday on Thursday, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was sticking to her guns.
“The real problem is that this is one more temporary gimmick,” Bachmann told CNN’s John King Thursday night. “It’s not a permanent solution.  That’s been the problem from the beginning.”
Bachmann opposed the original payroll tax cut for 2011, and she hasn’t changed her mind about extending it another year. But the Minnesota Republican did not say whether she would leave Iowa, where she’s on a 10-day bus tour, to return to Congress to oppose the new deal.
Other Minnesota Republicans in the U.S. House said little about the new deal, which follows a bipartisan agreement they had all rejected earlier in the week. As recently as Monday, freshman Republican Chip Cravaack had issued a statement calling the two-month Senate plan an unacceptable “band-aid” fix.