GM's Cruise to deploy fully driverless cars in San Francisco

General Motors' self-driving car company is sending vehicles without anybody behind the wheel in San Francisco as it navigates its way toward launching a robotic taxi service that would compete against Uber and Lyft in the hometown of the leading ride-hailing services.
June 7
If  you don't drive much, timing is more important than mileage when getting oil changes.

Motormouth: Change oil at least annually

It breaks down over time regardless of how little you have driven.
May 31

Motormouth: Give hoses the squeeze test

If it's squishy, replace it.
May 24
Don't wait until key fob batteries die before replacing them.

Motormouth: Don't wait for fob battery to die

Despite appearances to the contrary, all key fobs have a way to replace the batteries.
May 17
In this Aug. 15, 2011 photo, a motorist pulls the nozzle out of his gas tank after fueling his car at a station in Augusta, Maine. For the first time

Motormouth: Anatomy of a gas tank

The term "fuel cell" has multiple uses.
April 26
A customer pumps gas at an Exxon gas station, Tuesday, May 10, 2022, in Miami. Just as Americans gear up for summer road trips, the price of oil remai

Motormouth: Switching gas brands is OK

But it's not necessary to do so in order to get additives.
April 19
Conventional and synthetic motor oils are interchangeable.

Motormouth: Oil type not an issue

You can switch between conventional and synthetic without any concern.
April 12

Tire shaving is a lost art

Few of the machines still exist.

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