March Madness is here, so starting Thursday, your social life could be in jeopardy.

Seriously, if you don't start making plans, the NCAA tournament's slate of 46 men's basketball games over the next 2½ weeks could threaten your friendships, your marriage and your ability to regularly refresh Fido's water dish (no, spilling some of your beer on the floor doesn't count).

We want to help. That's why we're offering some entertainment options beyond your couch and Buffalo Wild Wings, places where you can take in all the action on the courts while also acting like an adult and eating something other than a cheeseburger.

These 10 non-sports bars (read: actual restaurants) offer delicious food, grown-up drinks and at least one TV for you to sneak a peek at the games.

One disclaimer: You may have to ask to have the TV on and tuned to the games. If you're looking for a specific matchup, it wouldn't hurt to call ahead. Some of these restaurants won't turn the sound on, just the visuals. They'll also likely discourage throwing cocktails and jumping on the tables.

So try to remember that "adult" thing we talked about.

Lyn 65

6439 Lyndale Av. S, Mpls., 612-353-5501,

Mercury Dining Room and Rail

505 Marquette Av. S., Mpls., 612-728-1111,


2551 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls., 612-354-7060,

McKinney Roe

530 S. 4th St., Mpls., 612-545-5863,

Punch Bowl Social

1691 Park Place Blvd., St. Louis Park, 763-400-3865,


730 Washington Av. N., Mpls., 612-208-0706,


1610 Harmon Place, Mpls., 612-904-1163,

(The upstairs area, which has TVs, is open only on Fridays and Saturdays.)

Station Pizzeria

13008 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka, 952-426-3273,

Roat Osha

3001 Hennepin Av. S., Suite 1370, Mpls., 612-377-4418,

Urban Eatery

2730 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-920-5000,

Amelia Rayno • 612-673-4115