Casting root spells

There's nothing spooky about "Root Spells," a new two-part exhibition. Mexico City-based Andrea Narno and New Orleans-based Vanessa Adams collaborated on "Plantas del Terruño/Plants from Home," a printed zine with images and text that ponders how plants help them find a place of belonging and groundedness. "The Queer Ecology Hanky Project," a collection of 80 handkerchiefs made by artists in the United States, Canada and Mexico, curated by Mary Tremonte and Vanessa Adams, takes the handkerchief, which historically was used to indicate homosexual preferences, and expands its coding into the land of mushrooms and other fungi, pointing out parallels of sustainability and resilience in the natural world. (Opening 7-10 p.m. Fri. Gallery hours: noon-4 p.m. Sun.-Wed. through Oct. 30. White Page Gallery, 3400 Cedar Av. S., Mpls. Free.

Alicia Eler