State Fair art extravaganza

The Fine Arts Center, located far from the livestock in the winding Minnesota State Fair complex, hosts the weirdest range of art you've ever seen in this part of the country. A total of 334 artworks, ranging from painting to huge sculptures, selected from 2,482 submissions from all over Minnesota, overtake the entire building. You may find yourself particularly haunted by a hollowed-out-looking man carved out of wood called "Entropy" by Brent L. Brager of Bethel, or overjoyed by a realistic painting of owls perched on an afghan, appropriately titled "Owlets on Granny's Afghan" (pictured ) by Malia Emma Wiley of Lake Crystal, Minn. (Open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily through Labor Day. Fine Arts Center, Cosgrove St. and Randall Av. Free with fair admission.)