Best duo ever?

They joined forces when Drew Bledsoe was injured in 2001 and, obviously, Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady still are going strong. Here’s how they stack up among the greatest coach-quarterback duos in terms of victories and championships NFL history:

NFL championships

Belichick-Brady 5

Vince Lombardi-Bart Starr 5

Lombardi and Starr won three NFL championships and two Super Bowls. Cleveland’s Paul Brown and Otto Graham won seven titles, but four of them came in the All-America Conference before some of those teams merged with the NFL.

Super Bowl wins

Belichick-Brady 5

Chuck Noll-Terry Bradshaw 4

Noll and Bradshaw won four in six years in Pittsburgh in the 1970s.

Regular-season wins

Belichick-Brady 186

Don Shula-Dan Marino 116

Shula and Marino never brought a title to Miami together.

Regular-season winning percentage

Belichick-Brady .778 (183-52)

Tom Landry-Roger Staubauch .746 (85-29)

Even with 121 more games, Belichick and Brady have the edge here.

Playoff winning percentage

Noll-Bradshaw .736 (14-5)

Belichick-Brady .735 (25-9)

Belichick and Brady’s 25 postseason wins rank No. 1.