Did you ever think that your computer, iPhone or Android phone could help you clean house? Here are three apps to help you conquer the dismal chore of housecleaning through organization, scheduling and maintenance.

Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule helps you follow a "divide-and-conquer" approach. The program breaks down chores into bite-sized tasks to be accomplished one item at a time -- actually, one item a day. There is a rotating checklist that guides you so you go through all the chores, then start again. You can add, delete or move from task to task as you go through the chores. The Apple iPhone app is 99 cents.

For Android phone users, Organizing Your Home can help you get your house in order. The $1.19 program gives you practical tips and techniques for ridding all the rooms in your home of unneeded clutter, room-by-room.

The House Maintenance Schedule is a free Android phone download. This is a calendar application in which you log dates of when routine maintenance is or should be done. It gives you reminders of due dates and also the next maintenance needed. Tasks logged in this program include flushing the water heater, inspecting fire extinguishers, changing the mower's oil, cleaning lint from dryers, cleaning or replacing water filters and changing smoke-detector batteries. These are organized into six-month, three-month and monthly logs.

You can get more information on these applications through Appitalism.com.