Frustration with problems in education fueled protests in Latin America last week.

At a rally by university students and teachers in Venezuela's capital, a professor voiced his desire for better pay by wearing a box on his head declaring: "Salary raise now." Chilean students were in the streets again demanding more say in education reforms, and also protesting police tactics that injured a fellow student in a previous demonstration.

A Peruvian indigenous woman held her farm animal on the sidelines of an anti-mining protest in Arequipa, where farmers don't want a planned copper mine, fearing it will contaminate their water supply.

People who fled the war in Syria prayed in a mosque in Sao Paulo, some of the nearly 2,000 Syrian refugees now in Brazil, which has taken in more people from that conflict than any country in the Americas except Canada.

Youths in Cuba jostled to get a glimpse of pop star Rihanna as she left a Havana restaurant.

A religious-themed soap opera propelled the television network owned by the founder of Brazil's main Pentecostal church into a showdown with top broadcaster Globo, which has had the lock on prime-time soaps for decades.

Ecuador held the "Miss Indigenous Ecuador beauty contest," with contestants having to belong to an Indian community, speak an indigenous language and wear traditional costumes and headwear. Peruvians marked Clown Day in Lima, with one clown appearing to float on a magic carpet.

In Nicaragua, workers at the National Zoo's rescue center nursed a baby black howler monkey that was brought in by hunters.

A tornado raged through Ciudad Acuna on Mexico's border with Texas, destroying homes and flinging cars like matchsticks.

Brazil's America football club, deep in debt and struggling to pay for basics, trained amid a FIFA sandal that saw top world football officials indicted on corruption charges. Soccer went on amid the scandal, with Cruzeiro fans turning out for a Copa Libertadores quarterfinals match against Argentina's River Plate.

Argentines marked the 205th anniversary of their country's revolution by burning flares and waving flags.