In 1902, Clifton Hodge wrote a book entitled "Nature Study and Life." He discussed various foods for birds.

Hodges had very definite ideas about foods to be used. He is mentioned in the book "Feeding Wild Birds in America."

He told readers not to pay market price for mealworms, for instance. He provided grow-your-own instructions.

"Every child should learn how to rear mealworms, and keep a supply on hand," he wrote.

He also suggested ant eggs as a good bird food. He wrote that the eggs could be found at bird stores "for about a dollar a pound."

The book is a history of the bird-feeding hobby and industry. Published by Texas A&M University Press, it can be found on Amazon.

Minnesota wildlife expert Carrol Henderson, recently retired from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, is co-author with Paul Baicich and Margaret Barker.

A pound of ant eggs.