Here are the locations and names of the schools in our high school sports geography quiz.

Metro schools:

1. East Ridge is in Woodbury

2. Eastview is in Apple Valley

3. Irondale is New Brighton

4. Simley is in Inver Grove Heights

5. Tartan is in Oakdale

Outstate consolidations and partnerships:

1. BOLD is Bird Island-Olivia-Lake Lillian

2. Win-E-Mac is Winger-Erskine-McIntosh

3. MACCRAY is Maynard-Clara-City-Raymond

4. NHREG is New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva

5. GHECTML is Granada-Huntley-East Chain-Truman-Martin Luther.

Grade yourself

9/10 -- Amazing

7/8 -- Better than most

5/6 -- Cares more than a little

3/4 -- Don't know that much

0/2 -- F is an F is an F