After Beyoncé was robbed last week (robbed, I say!) of the Grammy for best album, the Beyhive went into full revolt on the internet.

Yes, Adele’s “25” is great, but (say the following in your best Kanye voice) BEYONCÉ HAD ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME. So, if you’re still seething over this utter travesty, here’s something to help you blow off steam.

A group of geniuses have created an 8-bit video game called “Lemonade Rage,” styled after Beyoncé’s music video for “Hold Up” where she walks around smashing car windows (and looking fabulous).

Using a computer keyboard, players navigate the game as Beyoncé — strutting through the streets with baseball bat in hand. The goal? Crush everything in your path while avoiding poop emojis. The more stuff you smash, the more lemons you’re awarded. And remember: Lemons turn into lemonade.

Yeah, the game won’t bring Beyoncé her much-deserved Grammy, but it will make you feel better about this cruel world. Now go forth and slay!

Play the game here: