I liked the Chris Cook pick and thought the Vikings needed to take Toby Gerhart, even if it did cost a third-round pick to move up in the second round on Friday. I like Gerhart better than Jahvid Best, whom the Vikings basically handed to Detroit when they traded from No 30 down to No. 34 on Thursday. We'll see how that one turns over time. One team or the other will probably regret that trade. My money would be on the Lions, although they certainly seem to be getting their act together the past two drafts.

As for Day 3 for the Vikings? Well ....

I'll preface this by saying Rick Spielman, Scott Studwell, Brad Childress and all the scouts know the players a zillion times better than any of us do. And I loved the fourth round pick, Everson Griffen, probably because I had the Southern Cal DE going in the first round in my mock draft (ouch).

But after Griffen, the Vikings took an offensive tackle that might end up at guard, a quarterback to play receiver, a linebacker to play fullback, Penn State's second tight end and a one-dimensional Gophers linebacker. Many of those players are picked for special teams reasons, so there's some value.

I would say the biggest disappointment in the Vikings' draft is not coming out of it with an offensive lineman who's closer to starting and contributing this season. It doesn't appear the kid from Wake Forest fits that description.

As for the rest of the league ... 

. I did a column for tomorrow's kill-a-tree edition on how this was the 2010 Character Draft. The Broncos' selection of Tim Tebow was the signature stamp on this year's draft. We went into the draft unsure if Tebow would be taken in the first round. Not only did he go in the first round, someone gave up picks in the second, third and fourth rounds to MOVE UP IN THE FIRST ROUND and take him. Weird.

. As much as I pick on the Raiders, I have to give them credit today. I think they came out of the draft a better team. They waited until the fourth round to take Maryland OT Bruce Campbell, a player some thought the Vikings would take eighth overall. I know Campbell made headlines because he basically won the combine. I know I always rip teams for taking combine guys (like Troy Williamson and Willie Middlebrooks). But Campbell looks like an absolute physical beast. It seems with a little coaching, he could be a great offensive lineman. We'll see. What I also love about the Raiders is they got Redskins QB Jason Campbell and only had to pay a fourth rounder in 2012 for gosh sakes. Well done, Raiders.

. Seattle also seemed to come out of the draft a much better team. I know their running game got a lot better with the trades for Lendale White and Leon Washington. Russell Okung is a solid replacement for Walter Jones. And I give Pete Carroll credit for taking Texas safety Earl Thomas over his old USC guy Taylor Mays. Mays was upset about it, but grow up, Taylor. You're in the NFL. It's a business, baby.

. I know I'll be disappointed, but, what the heck, I like Colt McCoy as a third-round pick for the Browns.  

. I don't get the Bears' draft. They were the last team to pick, 78th overall. They had only five picks overall. And the spent one of them on QB Dan LeFevour. Granted, the guy tumbled to the sixth round. But didn't the Bears basically give away this year's draft to get a young quarterback last year (Jay Cutler)? What can LeFevour add to the roster?

. The Packers' draft doesn't make me leap off the couch, but I really like Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga as the 23rd pick. He seems like a top-10 selection since he appears to be the kind of player who will step right in at LT after Chad Clifton is done. There are reports that Bulaga's arms are too short. That's what happens when you hold the draft 2 1/2 months after the season ends. If I owned a team, I would suggest strongly that my scouts watch film and not worry about measuring arms.

. I'm on record as patting the Lions on the back, even though I vowed never to do it again after the last time. In 2008, I went to Lions training camp and came away quite impressed, or as impressed as you can get with the Lions. The Lions went 0-16. But I think Ndamukong Suh is the best player in the draft. I think Best is a good fit, and  I give them credit for making the trade with the Vikings. The Lions had another good draft and, who knows, maybe one of these decades they won't finish last in the NFC North.