Tuesday night, with all of Minneapolis starving for a win — in just about any sport — University of Minnesota coach Richard Pitino trotted out a dramatically different look than the previous 17 games.

Freshman Nate Mason instead of senior point guard DeAndre Mathieu. Redshirt sophomore Charles Buggs over JUCO transfer Carlos Morris. Backup center Elliott Eliason over Mo Walker, the heart of Minnesota's offense

The two starters the coach didn't sit? Andre Hollins and Joey King.

What about Hollins? The struggles of the senior guard have been well documented, and he only continued the trend in the first half by going 0-for-8 from the field.

The simple answer is that Pitino's expectations for the player who has been the face of Minnesota basketball for the past three years are far different from those of the public.

Pitino suggested that Hollins, like many seniors, could be too concerned with his future. Or perhaps his shot just isn't falling.

Whatever the case, the coach has made it clear he's not benching Hollins and he's not disappointed in him.

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