Vikings defensive end Jared Allen torched former Chiefs General Manager Carl Peterson during a conference call with reporters covering the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen returns to Kansas City on Sunday for his first meeting with his former team.

Allen led the NFL in sacks (15 1/2) in 2007, his final year with the Chiefs, but had a public falling out with Peterson and was traded to the Vikings before the draft in 2008. Allen was suspended by the league for the first two games of the 2007 season.

Allen made reference early in the conference call to his "problems in Kansas City" leaving the year after he left. Peterson was fired at that time. Asked what his problems were, Allen said:

"His name was Carl Peterson. You can write that in caps.Obviously, I guess I had a problem with Clark [Hunt], too, because he chose Carl over me. When everything went down there, I didn’t appreciate being lied to. I was told I’d be getting a (contract) extension and everything and the way things played out . . . My biggest thing was, ‘Listen, I never lied to you guys. I show up and I bust my tail for you. Please don’t lie to me.’

"After so many times of hearing they’re going to take care of you and they don’t and hearing the words Carl had to say about me, it’s tough to give it your all for somebody like that."

Asked if coach Herm Edwards was a problem for him, Allen said, "Absolutely not. Herm is one of my good friends to this day. Unfortunately, I thnk Herm got the raw end of the deal over there, too. The truth of the matter is we were an aging team. Herm drafted a bunch of guys and I feel he kind of got the shaft if you will. I loved playing for Herm and he's one of my favorite coaches."