We predict Gaga will not even admit her existence:

Think of it as a musical "Rocky." That comparison springs to mind as singer-songwriter Alisa Apps explains the bold challenge she threw down via press release on October 12: a televised live sing-off between her and Lady Gaga for a cash prize of $1 million.

 "I'm not saying she doesn't have a lot of talent; that's not the issue," Apps says. "The issue is bringing the heart, soul and realness back to music, which has become more of a machine. This would be a friendly competition based around a traditional American value: the underdog going up against the established act."

Or is it simply a publicity stunt?

A publicity stunt? In the hallowed world of music, where even the most popular singer will ask the cameras not to follow her around on her daily tours of the orphanage, because it’s about the kids, you see? Can't be a stunt. 

Well, we’ll play along. First of all, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK TO HER WEBSITE.  The music starts automatically, which means you will spend the first few seconds looking for the freakin’ OFF button. (It’s in the upper left-hand corner.)

Now that you’ve turned your volume down, you can visit the site. I don’t know what’s on the left side of the picture. It looks like a place in a shopping mall where they’ve put all the plants because they’re waxing the floor.

 We’d like to embed a video, but that’s forbidden by request. So you’ll have to search for them yourself, which of course you're just dying to do, right?  At least she will allow embedding of her promotional videos. This isn’t easy, but you should watch this whole thing. In this video the challenge is made to Mariah Carey, and let's just say this isn't the definition of a side-by-side comparison.


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