Q: We are moving to a new city where our internet service provider, Frontier, doesn’t offer service. That means we won’t be able to use our current e-mail addresses that end in “@frontiernet.net.” As a result, I recently opened a Gmail account and tried to import our Frontier e-mail and contacts to Gmail. I had no trouble transferring the e-mail, but I can’t transfer the contacts. An error message said that Gmail can’t import from Frontier.

Because we have 248 contacts in our address book, I don’t want to enter them into Gmail by keyboard. What can I do?

Warren Weise, Lakeville, Minn.


A: The transfer of your e-mail contacts is more complicated than it should be because Frontier uses Yahoo to provide its e-mail service. As a result, logging into your Frontier account doesn’t provide the right pathway for transferring the contacts list from a Yahoo mail server.

The easiest workaround is to export your contacts list from your Frontier-Yahoo account to your computer as a .csv (Comma-Separated Values) file (see “Export your Frontier Yahoo contacts” at tinyurl.com/ybkdznuc). You can then import the .csv file into Gmail, which will put your Yahoo contacts into your Gmail contacts list (see tinyurl.com/y8q5xhlz).

If you get a message saying the new version of Gmail’s Contacts doesn’t support importing files, click “Go to old version” at the bottom of the message, then follow the same importing directions. Once that’s done, close the window for the old version of Gmail contacts and you will be back in the new version with an updated contacts list. (Note: Contacts imported to your Frontier-Yahoo account from other services, such as Facebook, won’t transfer using this method.)


Q: My husband has a Windows 10 Lenovo PC, model B50-30, that can no longer connect to our router and gives error message “651.” But the PC is still working because it can connect to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

Our router is several years old, but it still works because my iPad and smart TV can still connect to it. Is our problem caused by our internet service provider, Eatel.net? Eatel says no.

Donna Tanner, Gonzales, La.


A: Your router has a role in an outdated software problem.

A 651 error message suggests that a PC software issue — perhaps caused by a recent Windows 10 update — is preventing your computer from connecting to your specific router model, but not others. If that’s the case, you need to update the driver software for the PC’s network card. (The network card is a circuit board that communicates with your router. The driver software lets Windows communicate with the network card.) To ask Windows to find a newer driver, see tinyurl.com/ycq9n5vl and scroll down to the first solution.

If that doesn’t work, see whether the router needs a software update for Windows 10. Check the manufacturer’s website for updates.

If those things don’t work, try changing the PC’s internet settings. One way is to disable software called “internet protocol version 6” (or IPv6.) The other is to reset connection software called TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.) See the second and third solutions on the website above.


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