Latinos in a specific section of south Minneapolis have been targets of robbery lately, and authorities are warning residents to be on their guard.

Since July 18, there have been at least 14 robberies in an area bound by E. 35th Street on the south, Interstate 94 on the north, I-35W on the west and the Mississippi River on the east, police said.

In eight of the crimes, there were 11 Latino victims, police said. Robbers are often striking as residents are leaving or arriving at their homes.

Police issued a similar warning roughly three months ago for a different part of Minneapolis, the Second Precinct, which covers a large swath of the city to the east and north of the Mississippi River.

Police said residents should take precautions, including not showing whatever cash they may have.

Otherwise, the alert said: Be extra cautious about your surroundings, trust your instincts, be aware of strangers loitering, and pay attention when taking out the garbage or walking to a vehicle or a bus stop.

Paul Walsh