Perhaps you resolved to get more organized this year. Perhaps you googled strategies for getting things done, and discovered that’s an actual concept. A way of life. GTD. I remember a few years back when GTD consisted of - warning, horrible word coming - “life hacks” that were simple enough. Little tricks and habits you could incorporate in your daily life. I tried a few. They seemed to create needs I did not have before. You start out carrying around index cards with highlighter colors on the top to indicate priority and purpose, and after a week you forget them, or run out of cards, or jot something down on a Post-It, and that’s that. I even tried using Evernote for everything, marveling at the ease at which I could save a webpage, and then realized I have no interest in saving web pages. If I wanted to, well, print to PDF.

Turns out I should have read a book. My Zite feed coughed up a page about GTD and Evernote, and I felt as if I was in a hotel ballroom with a program on my lap listening to a speaker talk about changing my life.

You can do both GTD and Evernote if: You read only chapters 1-3 of GTD, then

implement Evernote as your reference filing system,

don’t forget to install three Evernote add ons,

be well rested when you work (don’t sleep walk)

What? I read on, and discovered that the author wrote a book about GTD, and no doubt teaches seminars about it. There are phrases that mean something for people who’ve read the book, I assume. Such as:

Even unemployed people can’t implement GTD in three days, a week, or even a month. I’ve seen them try. Changing everything at once is too much “shaking the jello.”

Then there’s a YouTube video of Jello, shaking. The author continues:

For example:

Gathering work into a reduced number of inboxes = new jello … shaking.

pre-processing inboxes without doing the work simultaneously = new jello … shaking.

Setting up separate project and reference folders = new jello … shaking.

And in the middle of all this shaking GTD jello, you are becoming tired, overwhelmed while excited, so you are basically sleep walking, while continuing to read and continuing to decide to shake more jello because David Allen has given you hope.

Hope is something you have not had about organizing your work in say, 3 years. Hope at this point, inebriates.

So, you set up an Evernote account, downloaded Evernote, install Evernote, check that Evernote works. Evernote is (sleep walking) working!

Um. I just put everything in Dropbox and clean it out at the end of the day and put the relevant things into relevant folders. As opposed to this “workflow” chart. IT SHAKES MY JELLO. More:

Changing one organizing habit at a time, is a TON of work. 83% of people succumb to JerkBrain/GTD editor/RESISTANCE.

JerkBrain RESISTANCE sounds like a competitor to Anonymous. From the comments:

I read the beginning of GTD. Being on a bicycle means you won’t have the temptation to stop absorbing Allen’s bullion cube

That’s good to know.

TV Let me guess. Octogenarian lechery, set in Europe:

Amazon Studios has announced that it’s signed up Woody Allen to write and direct his first ever television show. The Untitled Woody Allen Project will be a half-hour series.

Imagine it’s 1985, and you just read that B. Dalton’s was producing a movie. This would make no sense. They sold books. But news like this isn’t surprising any more. If Amazon announced they were going into the airline business, people would nod and move along. After all, Virgin started out as a record label.

Allen also has a new collection of old stand-up routines coming out. According to the WSJ yesterday, he declined to be interviewed about the project, but other people say he has trouble listening to his old work, because it gives him pain. What doesn’t? Can you name any other public person known for humor who seems as joyless as Allen?

Here’s a clip from British TV, from his earlier, funnier days. As the alien said.