Age: 57Current role: CEO, Minnesota Twins

Degree: Business administration, University of Southern California (1975)

Home: Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun neighborhood

Family: Wife Donna, three children from a previous marriage

Professional experience: Worked at the Arthur Andersen accounting firm for three years after graduation. Joined the family business in 1983 and worked alongside father Carl. Provided financial analysis when Carl Pohlad acquired the Minnesota Twins in 1984 and eventually became the team's CEO. Jim Pohlad was active in the effort to get a new ballpark for the Twins and committed an additional $55 million to Target Field for amenities such as Kasota Stone siding, a full roof canopy and the construction of Target Plaza outside the stadium. The total Pohlad share of the $545 million stadium was $185 million.

Reflections: "I was an analyst when Dad bought the Twins [the $44 million deal closed in 1984] and I did financial projections. The payroll was $9 million and I'd project [the revenue stream] if the payroll was $9.5 million. We knew it would be tough." Most years were "break-even at best."