Aaron Rodgers will be the guest host of "Jeopardy!" for the next two weeks, and the Packers quarterback is taking it as seriously as he would game preparation during the NFL season.

Rodgers has a long history with the show, having won a celebrity "Jeopardy!" tournament in 2015. He is among several guest hosts standing in for Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the show who died last year.

Rodgers told The Ringer that when he approached his new hosting duties, he would study Trebek's movements and mannerisms by muting the television.

"I would watch the show on mute. That was a good way to practice," Rodgers said. "So you watch the show on mute and you practice reading the clues and then calling on the contestants. That was a fun way of doing it, because it's different from when you're sitting on the couch playing to when you're controlling everything.

"You've got to learn the form. It's looking down to read the clue and then looking up to call on a contestant, and also understanding what the answer is in case none of the contestants get it right, and then realizing at that point that you've got to work on your posture and where you're looking and know who you're talking to when you give that response. There were so many little things that were important for Alex being so smooth that I just wanted to be sure I had down."

Still, Rodgers may not have been prepared for some good-natured ribbing from one of the shows contestants on Monday, who brought up the Packers' NFC Championship Game loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Final Jeopardy.

The question was related to a speech given by Mr. Rogers at the Emmy Awards, but since the contestant didn't know the answer, he instead answered, "Who wanted to kick that field goal?"

He was referring to the Packers' decision to have Mason Crosby kick a 23-yard field goal on fourth-and-goal while trailing 31-26 with just over two minutes remaining with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

The Packers wouldn't get the ball back.

Rogers took everything in stride, and even poked fun at the decision himself.

He will host 10 episodes of the show, the last one on Friday, April 16.