Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan's support for a controversial nuclear deal with Iran is the focus of a new $100,000 television and digital campaign announced today by the American Action Network. 

In a press release announcing the new advertisement, American Action Network President Mike Shields said the "deal with Iran is a historic mistake that could have cataclysmic consequences for America and our allies."

Shields added, "[y]et despite all the bipartisan warnings, Rick Nolan has shown he’s willing to sacrifice sanity and our safety by supporting a deal that paves the way for a nuclear Iran."

According to polling information released by the American Action Network, Nolan's support of the nuclear deal with Iran differs with a majority of likely voters in the Democrat's district in northern Minnesota - 54 percent oppose the agreement with Iran, while only 27 percent support it.

Below is the television advertisement released today by the American Action Network targeting Nolan. 

In total, the American Action Network is spending $250,000 targeting five Democratic members of Congress for supporting the Iran nuclear deal.