A Twin Cities chef is front-and-center in "A Woman's Place," a 30-minute documentary that highlights the inequalities that women face in the male-dominated culinary world.

Karyn Tomlinson, formerly of Corner Table and the first solo woman to take home the top prize at Grand Cochon, a national whole-hog cooking competition, shares the screen with Oakland, Calif., chef Marielle Fabie and Seattle butcher Etana Diaz.

(Tomlinson is also keeping busy on a different platform, because her insightful and entertaining "Karyn's Quarantine Kitchen," which she posts on her Instagram page -- @katomlinson -- is must-see online TV).

The film's premise is based on a 2013 Office of U.S. Labor statistic: in the U.S., women account for half of culinary school graduates but hold 7% of executive chef positions. The producers created the film "with the goal to support and empower emerging women in culinary to bridge the gap as they strive to become leaders in the industry," reads a statement.

"A Woman's Place," which was commissioned by Kitchen Aid and directed by Academy Award winner Rayka Zehtabchi, is streaming on Hulu.