The NFL this week relaxed its stance on touchdown celebrations. In an email from Commissioner Roger Goodell sent to fans in an effort to deliver "a more exciting game experience," the commissioner said the new guidelines came after conversations with more than 80 current and former players.

In a nod to this development, why not take a trek down Celebration Lane and review some of the more memorable touchdown celebrations from the organization no longer known as the "No Fun League."

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson put touchdown celebrations on the map with his "Funky Chicken" celebrations in the late 1970s and 80s. Here, the classic dance gets a modern tune-up to the rhythm of 2015's dance hit Watch me (Whip/NaeNae)

If White Shoes Johnson invented the touchdown celebration, Elbert "Ickey" Woods perfected it. The Ickey Shuffle is legendary in NFL circles. Unfortunately we only saw the dance 27 times, with Woods' career cut short due to knee injuries (though it made a Cold Cuts comeback a few years back thanks to Geico).

Has it ever snowed in Miami? (Internet search ... Yes, yes it has. Once.) But on Thanksgiving Day 1993, in the snow in Dallas, Dolphins fullback Keith Byars showed his Ohio roots to South Beach faithful. He raced 77 yards for a touchdown and went to the turf to make a snow angel.

Terrell Owens and Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson could buy a franchise with the number of fines they racked up for over-celebrating. Sharpies. Cheerleaders. Popcorn. And of course, the midfield star in Big D.

We'll end with a couple Vikings-related celebrations. First, before P.J. Fleck entered the Twins Cities with oars blazing Steve Smith mocked the Vikings' 2005 "Love Boat" scandal with a creative  end zone celebration (go to the 2-minute mark below)

And what NFL celebration conversation doesn't include that "disgusting act" by Randy Moss at Lambeau Field?