Favorite room: "The Beach Room," a guest bedroom at a lake home in Cass County.

Created by: Beth Meyers, Hopkins.

The back story: Three years ago, Meyers and her husband bought a getaway home Up North. "As soon as we got a cabin, that was one of my goals, to have a beach room," she said. She was inspired, not by Minnesota's beaches, but by the sandy white shores of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., on the Gulf Coast, where her parents spend vacations. "We're on a lake [Little Portage] but I love the ocean. I'm a water baby. I love sun and sand. I'd be there all the time if I could."

How she created it: Meyers planned and sketched out her beach room on paper first. Then she enlisted her mother's help in transforming one of the cabin's two bedrooms into an ocean-inspired retreat. To re-create that Floridian feeling, they painted the walls aqua — "the color of the ocean" — above the chair rail, and sandy beige below. They created a "boardwalk area" using sticks and wood scraps at one end of the room. The furniture in the room, which came with the cabin, was painted crisp white. Meyers added a sand-colored rug and new bedding in a wave and fish pattern. Then she decorated the room with some of her handmade creations, including a painting of a blue heron and a starfish pillow. For finishing touches she added coral, sea horses, her beach hat, a collection of antique fly-fishing rods — and lots of seashells that she picked up on Fort Walton Beach. "We redid it in one weekend," she said of the project.

The payoff: The beach room has a big window facing the lake, and Meyers loves spending time there, especially when it's less than beachy outdoors. "In winter, I go in that room, and I feel summer," she said. "It's sunny, bright and inviting." Her kids enjoy staying in the beach room when they visit the cabin, and other guests like it, too. "People say it's so comfortable," she said. "It brings them to the beach and makes them smile."

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