Kim Kardashian told National Public Radio — yes, as in NPR — that she and husband Kanye West intend to take a new direction and not choose another point on the compass for a baby name.

Kardashian, the reality TV star whose fame leaves many a public radio listener searching for words, was on the cerebrally geared radio network Saturday during "Wait Wait … Don't Tell Me!" a humorous weekly news quiz show with a relaxed set of rules.

Fill-in host Mike Pesca explained that "from time to time, we have someone on the show that we can't believe agreed to be on the show." And with that, Kardashian was introduced as a new "star of public radio."

Kardashian, who is pregnant, quickly quashed any notion that she and her rap superstar husband would even consider establishing a theme of naming their children after directions. In 2013, the couple chose North for their firstborn's name. Their daughter turns 2 on Monday.

"I don't think we'll go with another direction," she said.

Kardashian said she and Kanye are getting plenty of input from the public, and "everyone keeps saying South, and I think that's so stupid."

As celebrities are want to do, Kardashian used her time before the more-bookish-than-average radio audience to plug her book, "Selfish," a collection of her own selfies. She explains:

"I thought it was just, you know, selfies are such a really, like, popular thing right now. And I thought it would be real cool to put 'em all in a book."

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