The fellow above is Anupam Kher, the next actor to play Hitler - this time it’s an Indian movie.

'Dear Friend Hitler' will concentrate on Hitler's relationship with Eva Braun (whom he married two days before his death) and, reportedly, will be neither a war film or a romance.


It's unknown how sympathetic a portrayal of Hitler the film will be, although one of the producer's told The Times, "if we should thank anybody for Indian freedom, it should be Hitler". The film's strange title apparently comes from two letters written by Ghandi to Hitler during the war, both beginning with "Dear Friend..."

Actors probably love to play Hitler, because you can really show off your rant power, or make everyone uncomfortable with a nuanced portrayal. Richard Basehart did the shout-and-glower  routine in 1962’s “Hitler.” Bruno Ganz did the best job of creating a character, not an archetype. There’s a little-seen 1944 movie called “The Hitler Gang,” which detailed Hitler’s miserable rise to power, and it’s quite good - the paperhanger was played by Bobby Watson, who made something of a career as Hitler. Imdb says he played him 9 times. That’s unlikely to happen to Kher, who has a lot of work under his belt already - 311 movies since 1982.


I think he looks like he should play Donald Pleasence playing Hitler. Here’s what Anupam Kher may look like as Hitler:


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