Amusing gingerbread houses seem to be all the rage this year. So it's no surprise that we have an entry depicting the demise of the Metrodome. We especially like the five versions of Pat Williams out in front. That's what it is, right? Found here via Stensation.

Also, pictured below (not from outside TCF Bank Stadium but from a web site) is a Snow Dragon. That device was spotted by The RandBall Better Half as she walked past The Bank to her office from her car today. She called, very excited, about how this giant contraption was outside the stadium melting all the snow. There was frantic talk of giant icicles and other things. She also reports that she could see people shoveling inside the stadium. Does that count as a dispatch? In any event, here is a picture of a Snow Dragon, which apparently can melt 60 tons of snow per hour.


UPDATE: RBBH on the scene, with a photo: