There was a brand new portable ice fishing shanty and it was a towable. In the tub under the tarp was a two year old fish finder, a propane bottle with a real nice sized heater attached. We cooked hot dogs on it occasionally. One small box of tools, a ice fishing tackle box I bet was worth at least four hundred bucks, several ice fishing rods. A bucket with an ice ladle and some ice cleats for walking. Two flash lights, one you wrap around your hat, the other was hang-up style for fishing after dark. It was battery operated and rechargeable, and you just suspended it from anywhere above your head. There was an ice chisel, and the lunch, a thermos of coffee and the minnow bucket. This was all being towed by the two year old four wheeler that had a metal bustle rack in front and the bag style wrap around in the back. In the front rack was where the gas auger and a bag with four wood tip ups was stowed while running out to the flats to fish. The back bustle had some extra four wheeling gear not needed for fishing exactly, but there was an extra tow rope and the different heads for the electric winch and one set of moose hide choppers. The choppers, those were what if gloves. Like what if someone forgot theirs, or what if while you were fishing you got yours wet, you could always borrow them. Well this is now all completely at the bottom of a lake that was covered by no more than four inches of ice. The guy driving the four wheeler is okay. His wife is pretty rear-itated with him, she is glad he is still alive. He had to have all this stuff, he was becoming a pain in the backside with his constant nagging about more or better gear, But as of 11-24-2012-All the gear is gone. She says she knows what he's not getting for Christmas this year. The trout whisperer

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