Minnesota has a state mushroom, a state muffin and once almost had an official state parasite, but this time of year I'm thinking only about one state symbol — the Honeycrisp apple.

This is the time of year I have one food in mind first and foremost. For the next few weeks, I will eat at least one every day. I also like to take my family out to pick Honeycrisps and to get a taste of where delicious food comes from. There is something special about Honeycrisps grown in Minnesota. I have tried the ones from out of state, but they just don't taste the same. Eating the local fruit also prevents the wasted fuel and pollution required to ship them hundreds of miles. (A New Zealand company is considering shipping them to the U.S. during the offseason.)

Sometimes, conservation is about connecting with and appreciating what is just outside your door. Local, delicious food is a great example. Enjoy the Honeycrisps today because once they disappear from local stores.....it is a long wait until they come back next year.