In 1958, my dad had the amazing vision to buy a lake lot. He found a 75-by-200 foot plot on Prairie Lake, near Cromwell, Minn.

The first year was tent use while my great-grandfather, grandfather, future grandfather, two great-uncles, and my dad’s cousins and brothers cleared the wooded area for a cabin.

The next year they built a small boathouse for their sleeping quarters.

The cabin was built in 1960 as a two-bedroom combined living room and kitchen. The unique feature was built-in bunks that could sleep 12.

I remember being a young girl playing Barbie dolls on the top bunks, and having my goofy uncles waking me up early to go fishing.

Today, the cabin has running water (thankfully), a septic system and a gazebo. We also have several campers on the property as our family grows. The kids are growing up, but they always come back for playing cards, fishing, swimming, skiing and tubing on the lake.

The gazebo is the hot spot for games, puzzles, and a collection of fishing photos of the kids through the years.

Some fun facts:

• The gazebo has a 1940 Kelvinator refrigerator that still keeps our beverages icy cold.

• In 1987, my mom had the good fortune to win a 16-foot Alumacraft boat and motor in a fishing contest.

• We keep a journal of daily happenings, and have great fun going back to read what went on.

All I can say is, thank you for the memories (and the memories to be made by future generations).

Lori Muscatello-Brown, White Bear Lake