1. Interview as many cleaners as necessary to find someone you're comfortable with.

2. Communicate your wants and pet peeves.

3. Private cleaners are a popular option and can save you money, but there are risks to consider: Do they have insurance and a recent background check?

4. Many cleaners will tailor services to fit your needs. If you are looking to make the service more affordable, consider having the cleaner come less often or skip rooms that are infrequently used.

5. Don't expect your cleaner to handle pet messes, black mold or outdoor spaces. If you want interior windows or blinds cleaned, expect to pay extra.

6. Don't clean before your cleaner comes, but do pick up. This will save the cleaner time and save you money.

7. If you feel your cleaning service isn't up to snuff, don't be afraid to say something.

8. Many cleaners roll gratuity into the cost of their services. But if they don't, tipping 10 to 15 percent is customary, according to the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International.

Aimee Blanchette