The drive to work has been hassle-free for the most part for metro area drivers, but we do have a few places where there are slow downs.

Those include westbound Crosstown from Xerxes Avenue to Lyndale Avenue. Look for a crash at Lyndale on the right shoulder.

Westbound Hwy. 36 is slow from Rice Street to I-35W. That is about 13 minutes.

On westbound 494, you'll need 15 minutes from Hwy. 169 over to 35W. On eastbound 494, the heaviest traffic is between Portland Avenue and Hwy. 100.

On eastbound 394, speeds drop to 30 miles per hour from Hwy. 169 over to Hwy. 100.

I-94 between the downtowns is looking good with only 10 to 12 minutes needed there.

You will find pockets of congestion on northbound Hwy. 169 from County Road 18 to 494, and on northbound 35E from 494 to Shepard Road. That will only add a few extra minutes to the commute.

None of the area transit agencies are reporting any delays on buses or trains.


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