Hair and makeup

Pimples, be gone! More seniors are hiring professional makeup artists to airbrush them to look as if they’ve stepped off the set of “Gossip Girl.” A good makeup artist will give you a natural look, and can cut down on postproduction and touch-up costs.

Location matters

Standing in front of a white picket fence with arms crossed doesn’t cut it anymore. Seniors want their portrait sessions to be shot in places of significance, such as a family farm, a favorite hangout or fishing spot at the lake.

Concept shoots

Seniors often work with a photographer beforehand to create high-concept photo shoots that illustrate who they are at that moment in their lives.

Candid shots

Once the hair and makeup are done, locations scouted and outfits in place, act natural. Seniors are eager to be photographed as if they’re living the everyday life of a celebrity — walking down Main Street eating an ice cream cone or gently touching their hair as they look into the distance.

Edgy, extreme, editorial

Mom, Dad and the yearbook staff might still want a traditional portrait, but more seniors are requesting special effects. Inspired by fashion magazines or their favorite superheroes, seniors want out-of-the-box images, and they’re willing to act out their own fairy tales to make it happen.