Here is the purr-fect thing to get you ready for tonight's Cat Video Festival.

Once again, the kitty mega event is back at CHS Field in St. Paul, where cat lovers will dress up like cats, drink beer like humans and laugh the night away while watching short YouTube videos.

If you'll remember, the festival kicked off in 2012 at the Walker Art Center where it was a surprise success with 10,000 people in attendance and coverage from around the world. In 2016, myTalk 107.1 and the St. Paul Saints took it over. Tickets are $15 for general admission. Doors open at 6 p.m., with the reel of cat-video viewing at about 8 p.m. More info here.

OK, but back to why we're here. Cat videos. The legendary ones. The clips that started it all. Here is a collection of the most-watched cat videos of all time. (Note: This list doesn't include compilation videos, just single vids from the cat pantheon.) Behold their grandeur. Behold their ridiculousness.

"Nyan Cat [original]"

Views: 161 million
Yes, the most watched cat video of all time is actually a silly animation that doesn't really do much of anything. But it is considered haloed ground in cat people circles. Also, a 10 hour-version of this video has been viewed 77 million times. (What is wrong with you people?

"Very Angry Cat"

Views: 89 million
This video is actually kind of sad. But the audio is pretty incredible and probably what keeps bringing people back to it.

"Surprised Kitty (Original)"

Views: 78 million
Just click on this clip when you're having a rough day and all will be forgotten.

"The two talking cats"

Views: 67 million
Cat people love this video because it shows that CATS ARE JUST LIKE US.

"Cat mom hugs baby kitten"

Views: 59 million
I'm not crying, you're crying. Enough said.

Bonus video! The following was a perennial top 5 most watched cat video. But it's fallen down a few spots (52 million views). Here it is, just so you never forget it this classic.

"Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! – THE ORIGINAL"

If you're still in need of more cat content, Minneapolis City Hall turned the building over to the cats Wednesday. Minneapolis Animal Care and Control featured 23 kittens and six adult cats that were up for adoption. Check it out:

Shari L. Gross
Video (00:57) Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey declared City Hall to be named Kitty Hall for the day as adoptable cats and kittens filled the rotunda to the delight of hundreds.