Robin Viele and Nick Aspholm

What they bought: 1908 updated two-story in northeast Minneapolis.

Why they bought it? Move-in ready, semi-open floor plan, walkable neighborhood.

Must-haves: In the city, close to grocery store and restaurants, fenced yard for dog.

Deal-breakers: Too expensive. "We weren't willing to feel broke ... even if we technically could afford it," Viele said.

Michael and Lily Shenkenberg

What they bought: Renovated 1960s split-level in Edina.

Why they bought it? Location, move-in ready, open floor plan.

Must-haves: Proximity to downtown. All bedrooms on one level.

Deal-breakers: Homes in need of major updates or repairs. Too much brown woodwork.

Jake and Kristen O'Toole

What they bought: 1921 bungalow in Minneapolis.

Why they bought it? Bike-friendly, walkable location, access to public transit.

Must-haves: At least two bedrooms, a garage, lots of windows, "workable condition" — not a fixer-upper.

Deal-breakers: Bad location, shoddy updates.