Those obsessed with playoff scenarios should note that if the Vikings, Panthers and Rams all win their divisions with 12-4 records, the Vikings win the three-way tiebreaker for the No. 2 seed and get the bye (based on the best conference record of those three teams). So while tying Carolina is bad in a two-team tiebreaker, it's OK for the Vikings as long as the Rams win their next two games as well.


It's already starting to feel like every game is important for the Wild — even a mid-December game against a struggling Ottawa squad (6 p.m., FSN).


"The Vikings need some visibility on Bridgewater going into the offseason. ... But I would not start him period. Keenum needs to stay sharp and that is done playing not sitting. At most I would let Bridgewater play the second half of the Bears game if we are in that position."

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"Interesting tidbit from @mlombardiNFL on GM Street pod: Patriots players are forbidden from extending at the pylon or while falling across goal line in process of catch. Belichick has made it clear they will be benched."