Many people want to go solar with their home but maybe aren’t sure where to begin. Some may wonder how Minnesota uses solar power given the snow in the winter months. Then there are other types of renewable energy out there such as geothermal heat pumps. How do they work to cut energy costs? Those questions and more can be answered on October 1st from 10:00 am-5:00 pm, at the 2011 Minnesota Solar Tour. The tour is sponsored by the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) and has stops all over Minnesota. 

There are several ways for people to get involved in this year’s tour. For example, apply as a business or residence to be a site on the tour. The only requirement is that the site incorporates renewable energy technology. Applications can be filled out here.  Another option is to volunteer to be at the one of the tour sites (there are more than 50). Training is provided on-site. For more volunteer information, click here

Of course, simply enjoying the tour is an option. Click here for more information. Photos of the 2011 sites are available to view online without registration but to see the addresses, registration is required. Visible on the website are a list of all the site names. Site owners get creative and have fun with the process and pick names such as “EcoFreak McMansion” and “Passive House in the Woods”.   Sounds like a perfect prelude to Halloween.

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