The Rio Olympics are full of moments of brilliance — but plenty of blunders, too.

A new seaside bike path built for the Summer Olympics collapsed in April when a wave hit, killing two cyclists.

The Australian delegation initially refused to move into their accommodations at the Olympic Village, complaining of exposed wiring and leaks — later documented by some other athletes.

A bullet ripped through the media tent at the equestrian center on August 6, narrowly missing a member of the New Zealand delegation. A second bullet was found a few days later. The Deodoro venue cluster, where the equestrian events are held, is near a small slum where police have been conducting operations.

Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten suffered a concussion and three fractured vertebrae when she crashed on the road race course August 7, criticized by several athletes for its dangerous turns and descents.

The Olympic diving pool turned green August 9 after a maintenance worker mistakenly added hydrogen peroxide, which neutralized the chlorine and allowed organic compounds like algae to bloom.

The water polo pool, also in the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center, also turned green later in the week.

A bus carrying members of the media was shot at while returning from a women's basketball game in the Deodoro cluster August 9. Brazilian officials initially attributed the shattered windows to rock throwing, but people on the bus insisted they were gunshots.

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