Here are some curious things about Prince revealed in the Carver County documents of the investigation into his death on April 21, 2016.

In the vault: Inside Prince's mysterious vault at Paisley Park, authorities found recordings — cassette and "reel-to-reel," as the investigators called them — labeled by Sheila E., Chaka Khan, Larry Graham and others. There was a book of lyrics and, among other things, six vinyl zipped bank bags, marked "Milwaukee, Illinois 6-28-01," with cash in various denominations inside.

Superstitions? Prince had none, according to Judith Hill, the singer and close friend of the Purple One in his later years. But he always wore his tank top inside out, she confided under questioning. He didn't like jeans. He preferred tight pants with no pockets.

His energy: The secret to Prince's energy? He loved 5-hour Energy drinks, the suddenly talkative Judith Hill disclosed.

Backstage: After his second of two "Piano and a Microphone Tour" concerts at Atlanta's Fox Theatre on April 14, 2016, His Royal Badness visited backstage for about 15 minutes with Atlanta-based stars CeeLo Green and Janelle Monae. Then Prince, his ever-present aide-de-camp Kirk Johnson and traveling companion Judith Hill headed to an airport for their private jet bound for Minneapolis.

E-mails: On the day he died, Prince received e-mails from several people including music star/friends Rita Ora and Esperanza Spalding. The subject line of Spalding's cried "not true not true not true!!!!!"

Posthumous: Judith Hill sent Prince four e-mails on four different days in May 2016, the month after his death. Phaedra Ellis Lamkin, who had represented him about many business deals in recent years, e-mailed him on May 31, 2016, with the subject "missing u."

Alias: At North Memorial Medical Center, staff changed the name on Prince's file to "Peter Vang" to prevent others from looking him up.

Fridge: What was in the vegan's refrigerator? The freezer had plenty of Häagen-Dazs ice cream containers. We lost count at eight. Inside his fridge, the top shelf was all bottles of Aquafina. Different bottles of fresh juice occupied one middle shelf while another middle level had containers of cut fruit. The bottom shelf was reserved for deli salads. On the fridge door, he, like you and me, had a carton of eggs (organic, to be specific) plus a container of mozzarella and Rice Dream.

To go: In his packed suitcase, Prince, who stood 5 foot 2, had, among other things, a book on the history of legendary giants, "Genesis 6 Giants" by Steve Quayle. There were Band Aids, hair spray, hair color, clothes, cash and a handwritten note with lyrics for his 1987 hit "U Got the Look."

Beauty secrets: Speaking of the look, Prince had a mix of luxury and drugstore grooming products in his dressing room at Paisley Park. There were lint rollers, a bottle of static-cling spray and Dial soap pumps. His dressing table, which was not tidy, included pricey Christian Dior and La Mer facial cream slumming next to drugstore-brand St. Ives hand lotion. He loved his MAC products, including pressed powder and eye shadows as well as lip moisturizer. Like anyone doing a face, he had sponges for blending foundation and powders. And, of course, he had a plastic hair pick. Purple, naturally.

Staff writers Dan Browning, Stephen Montemayor, Jeremy Olson and Rochelle Olson contributed to this story.

Video (01:42) This video was taken by Carver County investigators the morning Prince was found dead inside Paisley Park. The Star Tribune has obscured images of Prince's body.