Wolves coach Rick Adleman had a couple things to say about Derrick Williams. First, the third-year forward will get his chance to play. Second, we should all calm down on the issue.

“I don’t worry about him as much as you guys do,” Adelman said after Thursday’s practice. Williams, who works at both forward positions, did not play in Wednesday’s opening-night victory over Orlando.  A former second-overall pick, Williams’ playing time has fluctuated since he joined the team.

“He’s going to get a chance to play when it looks like there is a good opportunity for him,” Adelman said. “But there are other guys, too. Right now Robbie Hummel’s played very well, the whole month he’s been here. It could be one of those guys. It could be (Shabazz Muhammad), who has played well. Nobody has separated himself. (Williams’)  best spot is the four spot, and it’s almost impossible to get him minutes at the four spot.”

Williams, asked about his situation, said he wasn’t disappointed. “No, we won, you can’t be disappointed when we win,” he said.

But on the matter of patience? “I’ve been patient two years now,” he said. “So we’ll see. I don’t know.’’

Interestingly, Williams retweeted an item originally tweeted by Los Angeles Clippers forward Jamal Crawford Wednesday night. “Watched a bunch of games tonight,” Crawford wrote. “One thing that is clear. Situation, and opportunity has a lot to do with success in the NBA.’’

“That’s all the NBA is, opportunity,” Williams said. “That’s why I retweeted it.”

But when will his come? The power forward position is where Kevin Love plays, and Dante Cunningham is usually his backup. That leaves the small forward position. And for Williams to play there, Adelman said he needs to see the right matchup.

“I have to make a decision, is that the best thing for our team as a whole?” Adelman said. “Like I told all those guys who didn’t play last night, it’s an 82-game schedule. That’s one game. There is a lot of time left. He certainly will get his opportunity. Against (Oklahoma star Kevin) Durant you could see half the team getting an opportunity.’’

Williams could see time at the small forward position against the Knicks  Sunday if Carmelo Anthony were the matchup there, for example. “It’ s just a matter of how the game goes,’’ Adelman said. “I guess I can’t answer it directly, because I’m still trying to get a feel for what’s going on and how they’re going to play. That’s the way it is.”

Said Williams: “I’m just here to play basketball. Whenever my name is called I’m going to be in there.”

In other items:

--Adelman, very pleased with how Corey Brewer played with the starting unit, pledged to keep him there going forward. “Corey really showed what he could do last night,” Adelman said.

--One key to avoiding the offensive stagnation that plagued the Wolves at times Wednesday is having the point guards push the ball. Adelman said he and his staff were constantly trying to get Ricky Rubio and J.J. Barea to get the ball over half court more quickly and into the offense. “They were almost at 16 seconds (on the shot clock) when  they hit half court,” Adelman said. “You don’t have enough time to run anything. They have to push the ball, every time. And the ball should pass half-court at 20 seconds.’’

That’s about it for now. Jerry will pick up the team tomorrow morning.

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